OutRight Power is Revolutionizing Electric Power Distribution markets through intuitive, operator-centric tools that are accommodating and cost-accessible to utility companies of all sizes.

Meet the OutRight Power Product Suite

OutRight Power offers three distinct products to accommodate varying degrees of customer need:



Trains grid operators and engineers for FLISR procedures


Real-Time Advisor

Provides centralized and systematic guidance for manual operation in real-world incidents


Real-Time FLISR Automation

Offers hands-free automation for seamless recovery

Our Solution

OutRight Power empowers operators to quickly and systematically reconfigure grids and restore power:

  • A cost-effective and intuitive solution that involves and empowers grid operators in utility companies of all sizes
  • Centralized visualization of grid status, fault location, and alternate restoration paths for rapid decision-making
  • Patented algorithm models Meshed Grids as Open Ring topologies thus simplifying dramatically the procedures for grid reconfiguration